Launching Inner Circle LAB

ic lab training Dec 02, 2017

This is a major one!

After so many years of management and consulting, an office full of “useful things” and an urge to serve the world… Ok, first I admit it: I have been hoarding useful things   and now throwing away a small forest of papers for recycling into toilet paper.

I needed somewhere to put it all! I’ve been involved in change management and business development for the whole of my working life and as a consultant became a master of ‘hoarding good ideas’…

Now launching my Inner Circle as a subscription area where I can give you my most valuable lessons from management, psychology, coaching, mentoring and organisational change. Many topics that are hard to find in thick textbooks – practice rather than just theory.

Topics will be added in the next few months and will include effective project steering, root cause analysis, managing in times of crisis, team analysis, Kotter’s dual OS, setting up...

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New course! Advanced Personality Theory

personality training Dec 02, 2017

The first of four courses has now been released. You will find it here.

The first live Q&A session is set for Friday 19 Jan 2018 at 17:00 in Central Europe (08:00 Pacific/11:00 East Coast).

I will cover existential theory, psychology, Holland Interest Scales and why you shouldn’t use Myers-Brigg…  You’ll love it!

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Program Launched | San Jose

organizations Sep 23, 2013

Just a quick message to say that we went from strategy to execution. A
global program of this kind is not something that you just start with just
some good ideas, a mailing list and a few webcasts. It was much more
complicated, so much in fact that we doubted if we wanted to pull it off.

One issue was simply the fact that Alex is in Scotland and I'm in Norway. We don't see each other face to face very often and it takes time to develop a common understanding that is sustainable for a global project.

This is my third or fourth global project, so yes I know. To create a common vocabulary and market approach, we decided to attend Brendon Burchard's Experts Academy in Santa Clara. He's one of the best. And I continue to write my book with John Eggen, he too is one of the best. On the way we have gotten great insights from many others who have their niches - we are glad we bought their books and programs and followed their webinars!

One insight is that most 'experts' and coaches are...

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Launching The Great Wall Seminars | monthly webcast series

training webinars Apr 26, 2013

Great Wall Seminars - what and why?

There is so much going on in coaching and mentoring, with just about everybody boasting an ultimate technique or new knowledge. Maybe not so different from the Human Potential Movement some fifty years ago, and we know from medicine that snake oil, water pills and comforting words can actually 'help'. Most coaching techniques have some effect on some people, in particular the susceptible.

Senior managers should be reluctant to use the services of executive coaches who are not using evidence-based methods. Similarly, much of what is being called executive coaching is limited to goal setting and individual performance at a level irrelevant and even patronizing to senior managers and leaders on a fast track.

Executive coaching is not just any coaching of executives but a specialty that includes psychological coaching and group coaching. This is central to our menu of topics.

Great Wall Seminars are designed for leadership development and strategic...

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