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A collaborative network of executive coaches and senior managers developing best practices to bridge the gap between theories and practice for change projects and talent development.

Training Opportunities

Online webinar training and interviews. Topics include social dynamics in organisational development, group/team building, cultural psychology, strategic issues, mentoring, personality, brain research and important business topics.

Masterclasses and bootcamps around the world. Our personal networks stretch back 20-25 years with opportunities in Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America.

Resources & Publications

Links to concepts, tools, advanced training, and opportunities for continuing professional development (CPD). 

Whitepapers, case studies, handbooks, articles and e-courses.


Follow on Twitter for important articles, news, summaries and re-tweets. The founders are well-read and active contributors in their respective fields.

Join our LinkedIn group for blogging, reviews and whitepapers. By having some editorial control we can accumulate knowledge more efficiently and avoid the problem of similar questions asked again and again, often with a decreasing number of responses. We will even publish summary versions for our members after the discussion has closed.

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