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Executive coaching is a specialty that helps executives achieve organisational, strategic and personal goals. While we are all responsible for our own performance and well-being, the executive role extends to systems, resources and strategies. Executives must know how to listen deeply, develop the right people, allocate money and projects, be able to evaluate changes in a bigger picture and take appropriate action at the right time.

Executive coaching is therefore demanding and requires a well-developed intuition for both psychological and business processes. You help managers develop their emotional intelligence and you sense how people can contribute to the best of their abilities and interest. You work with the paradox that resistance to change is often healthy and so use psychology as a guide to whether a plan will work in practice (70-80% are waste). In fact, when great leaders start to walk, they have made sure the right people understand the plan such that they can ‘lead from behind’ – the litmus test of great leadership.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring (ECM) will become a strong worldwide community of practitioners and pragmatic researchers. Our ambition is to give you extraordinary frameworks for executive coaching and mentoring. Most coaching techniques work because they provide motivation, goals and support; our mission is to deliver more: “What works for whom, when and why” for executive coaching.

Our vision is a world-class platform with qualified executive coaches who share an evidence-based ethos and platform. Crucially, single practitioners will get a great opportunity for global networking, local opportunities and state-of-the-art knowledge.

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