About Paul O Olson

Creator of Great Mentors Great Future: Seven Domains for Leadership Development

Paul has worked with international companies and organisations for more than 30 years, since joining General Electric in 1984. GE has been consistently ranked as one of the most admired companies for leadership practices - simply a great place to learn how to combine leadership and management.

After leaving GE, Paul held a succession of leadership and business management roles as part of regional and global teams, building strategic infrastructures for many of the world's leading companies, banks and institutions.

Paul became a founding member, Nordic partner and Global practice leader in IESF (International Executive Search Federation) in 2002, until selling his license and focusing full-time on management consulting, as well as finishing his doctorate in psychology and psychotherapy.

Paul currently works as management consultant, executive coach and psychologist (business, clinical practice, and supervision).  With an MSc in psychology (2002), focusing on leadership, personality and social psychology, Paul has studied and worked in the intersection of business and psychology for 15 years. 

Paul is passionate about applying his expertise in executive coaching and mentoring to help young leaders actualize their potential faster. When he was working with late Emeritus professor Alex Roberts (Edinburgh Business School), they called this idea "Accelerating Leadership Development." 

With aging leaders, we need to help young transform into senior positions as fast as 5-7 years, instead of the customary pace of 15-20 years. Paul believes that companies of all sizes can benefit from high quality coaching and mentoring to achieve this ambitious vision of accelerating leadership development.

For more information about Paul see: 
LinkedIN: https://no.linkedin.com/in/pauloolson 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PaulOOlson 
Personal website: http://pauloolson.com





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